7 Things You Should Know About Hosting an Outdoor Party

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7 Things You Should Know About Hosting an Outdoor Party

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Having guests over is generally a very stressful experience. We all want our party to be better than the next and we just want everyone to have a good time. That niggling feeling that someone is judging the line of dust along your cabinet is an uncomfortable yet common occurrence and when it becomes an outdoor party- the anxiety is definitely a little lessened. There’s much less for nosy guests to pick at but there are still a few things you should know about hosting an outdoor party:

The Food

This is the most important thing at your party- something you know everyone is going to dig into- so you have to go overboard with your spread of course but how exactly do you serve it? Since people tend to fill their plates right from the get-go itself, it’s best that you organize your spread so as to start off with the lighter snacks and then lead on to the more heavier, expensive items such as meats straight off those BBQ smokers.

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While messy, gooey desserts are incredibly delicious, they don’t make for the best outdoor foods. It’ll be easier if you go for more simple desserts like pies and tarts that won’t turn into sludge or don’t stand a chance of leaking on to the table.

Bar Cart

If you’re organizing an outdoor party and you want to keep the crowds happy, it’s worth investing in a bar cart that’s filled with all your essentials. These would be glasses, ice, cocktail shaker etc. Once you start running low on supplies, you can easily just wheel the cart back in and fill it up.


Taking out the chinaware for an outdoor party isn’t the best idea and you probably realize why. In either case of a family gathering or a more sophisticated dinner party, there’s always that one klutz who manages to shatter something. Go for something more lightweight like melamine dishes that won’t leave you sweeping up shards at the end of the night.


If you’re thinking trendy and chic yet wanting something that won’t drain your wallet, candles and lanterns are the perfect outdoorsy elements you’re looking for. Get your hands on varying shapes so you can create that romantic, intimate ambience- perfect for a dinner party amongst colleagues, friends or family.


Everyone loves music- opt for the classics like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder. These are songs that everyone recognizes and can definitely sing along to but make sure you don’t crank that music up too high while you’re at it.

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Something everyone will be rightfully worried about is the bugs. These cretins have a way of coming out at the most inopportune moment and ruining nights so what you can do is make sure to circle the space with citronella candles or incense sticks as soon as the sun starts to set.

Knowing these facts will make your dinner party flow much smoother than anticipated so make sure you heed them!