How Do Sewage Pumping Systems Work?

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How Do Sewage Pumping Systems Work?

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A sewage pumping station is important in keeping away wastewater and flood water where they should be. Generally, a regular sewage system is made up of pipes that carry wastewater and sewage from homes and businesses into the main sewer pipes. However, a sewage pumping station works a lot different than the usual. Instead of purely a series of pipes, sewage pumping stations uses a holding tank and a pump to move sewage through the pipes into the main sewer. Read along to learn more about sewage pumping systems.

How Does It Work?

A sewage pumping system is composed of a holding tank, a pump, and a pipe that goes towards the main sewer. From the private sewer line of houses or businesses, the sewage and wastewater go towards the holding tank or wet well. It will be stored there up to a certain level in the tank. When the waste reaches that level, the pump will kick in and pressurize the sewage to push it to the main sewer. A sewage pump system doesn’t use gravity just like traditional sewage systems do.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Pos system

How to Know If You Need a Pumping Station

Not all homes and business need a pumping station. There are several factors to be considered why you need a pumping station. One of the main reasons for building a pumping station is when a gravity type sewer system has not yet been established in the area. Sewage pumping station construction is a lot cheaper than building traditional sewer system because lesser work is done when installing one. Second, a pumping system is helpful in areas with basement floors lower than the sewer lines. In this case, gravity flow system won’t work, causing sewage to backflow into the house.

Pros of Sewage Pumping Systems

Sewage pump stations are popular nowadays because of the numerous benefits that it gives. Aside from lower construction costs, sewage pump stations have remote monitoring systems so the owner can operate and monitor it even without opening it. It is also a closed system so there is lesser risk of health issues. Pump stations can be used on either domestic or commercial use, with different pump sizes and power that would fit what you need. Also, you don’t have to worry about blockages or other problems because the system will alert you immediately to avoid causing more damage.

Things to Consider

Although there are plenty of advantages one can experience when having a sewage pump station, there are also some special things to consider when having one. First, a pumping station should only be installed by professionals to be assured that it is installed well and is safe to use. Aside from that, blockages can still happen in the pipes so it needs to be maintained from time to time.

Sewage pumping system is a good way in maintaining the cleanliness of our home and business. When installed and used properly, draining wastewater and floodwater is just made easier and worry-free.