How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

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How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

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Owning a car comes with its fair share of responsibilities and you often can’t skirt the fact that it does have to be maintainedcarefully if you want this investment to last over the years. While the exterior is more exposed to the harsh elements of the outdoors, the interior too has dirt that accumulates and simply has to be cleaned out. Here’s how you can go about it:


You’ll need just the right materials to tackle your interior and of course it starts with a basic vacuum. Don’t forget that you need to identify which cleaning products you’ll be able to use on surfaces like vinyl, plastic, upholstery etc. So make sure to consult a professional car care product specialist if you need clarification of what the best fit for you is.

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Leather Seats

You know the grime has settled in when your leather seats have lost their lustre. Unless you use a two-in-one product, you’re going to have to wash your seats by working in the cleaner and then condition it after the leather has had a couple of hours to dry. This will restore that shine you’re looking for.

Vinyl Seats

Unlike leather seats, vinyl seats would take much less effort and time to be restored. With just a vinyl cleaning compound and a rag, you can wipe your seats down and have them dried with a second cloth. You’ll have your seats back to normal within the hour itself!

Cloth Seats

If you have cloth seats, treating stains would be a little tougher. With the option of using specialized staining products comes the fact that if you use more liquid cleaning agents on your car, the more likely these liquids are going to create a musty odour. You can combat this by sprinkling baking soda on your seats for a few hours so it can absorb the smell!


Since you’re working with glass, make sure you have a microfiber cloth on hand to wipe down your windows. Make it a point to spray the cleaning agent on top- and not directly on to the glass- because this will help reduce streaks as well.

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Air Vents

For the sake of hygiene purposes, you’ll want to make sure you clean out those vents too. It might be a bit tricky, given the amount of parts but all you really need is a long, soft bristle brush to see to the vent grill. This will get rid of most of the accumulated dust and if you want to do a really thorough job, blasting some compressed air through the vents will get rid of the rest!

Door Panels

Usually the materials used on the upholstery, seats, dashboard etc. would be the same as what’s used for your door panels so you can use the same cleaning agents but don’t forget to clear out your cup holders and compartments before doing so because these tend to accumulate the most dirt!

These are the essentials every car owner needs to know about when it comes to making their interior spotless!